Family Legacy
Lloyd Johnson's father, Joseph Vernon Johnson (Vern Johnson), homesteaded in Jardine, MT in 1932 to explore the mountains, hunt and trap in the back country, and fish the mountain lakes and streams. This area with it's unparalleled beauty and it's bountiful wildlife served as the perfect spot for him to start his own outfitting business and work as a hunting and fishing guide. It was here that he would also raise his family. He passed away of old age in 1980 at the age of 83. Fifty plus years in the outfitting business proved that his dream came true and he left behind a legacy for his children.

Specimen Creek Outfitters

Although times have changed, Lloyd Johnson, along with family is keeping his father's dream alive.

"I personally want to thank you for viewing our website and I look forward to guiding you on a Montana adventure in the future." - Lloyd Johnson

In Memory of...


Clarence Douglas Johnson (1955-2010). Brother and Uncle. Loved by all.